Wednesday, 16 November 2016 13:49

Award of Contract: GRT/GF-13172-GY: Institutional Strengthening in Support of Guyana’s LCDS

Award of Contract Details

Program: GRT/GF-13172-GY: Institutional Strengthening in Support of Guyana’s LCDS

Activity: Consultancy to develop a Revised National Opt-In Mechanism and conduct Pilot Process

Consultants who submitted proposals:

  1. Development Policy and Management Consultants\
  2. Consortium of Indufor, North America LLC and Sub-Consultants: Winrock International and Local Partners

Winning Consultant

Name: Development Policy and Management Consultants Price: One hundred and sixty nine thousand one hundred and twenty United States dollars (US $169,120)
Duration: 4 Months

Summary Scope:

The services of a consultancy firm to develop the NEW OPT-IN MECHANISM package that will be used at the national level, using the village of Muritaro as a case study pilot. The pilot is expected to capture the lessons of the development and implementation of the OPT-IN MECHANISM that can be utilized by other communities and Governmental institutional stakeholders alike.

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